Increasing Restaurant Loyalty Through Enhanced Micro-Experiences

What is a Micro-Experience?

A Micro-Experience is a seemingly imperceptible moment that creates a positive or negative Micro-Reaction.

“Where Should We Eat?”

From the initial online search until you pay the check, you will have subconsciously reacted to a multitude of tiny, inconsequential moments that will determine your overall impression, return, recommendation, and rating of a restaurant. These moments are called Micro-Experiences.

Think back on the last time you endured a less-than-stellar restaurant experience. When asked why you didn’t enjoy it, were you able to articulate specific details? Or was your response a vague, “I don’t know. I just didn’t like it.”

We’ll Sweat the Small Stuff

Just one dining event generates dozens of these micro-experiences, which cumulatively define your customers’ blacklisting–or raving endorsement–of your restaurant.

Since micro-experiences typically are subtle and subconscious, they can be difficult to articulate by your guests.

Management and staff often overlook or ignore it because they’re typically overwhelmed, exhausted, or simply unaware of how their restaurant is being perceived.

Your investment, passion, and hard work could be sabotaged by seemingly insignificant details, and these subtleties may generate significant negative impact on your restaurant’s reputation.

In this high-expectation, media-driven culture, it’s imperative to minimize your diners’ preventable negative experiences.

We can help. 

Here's How