About Ande Truman

Ande has been an intensely curious experimenter in the kitchen since she could reach the countertop. In her late teens and early 20s, Ande was a natural leader in commercial kitchens, and it was in this environment that her love for the restaurant industry was birthed and fostered.

When Ande was a college freshman, her family’s business failed. In the aftermath, she made the challenging decision to focus her career on understanding every element of entrepreneurship. Her goal was simple: to empower business owners to avoid a similar fate.

In the following two decades, Ande questioned and researched why businesses fail or flourish. What she discovered is that it’s the seemingly insignificant details that bring about a business’ demise or success.

In 2004, her deep love for entrepreneurship, technology, and the arts culminated in the creation of a freelance design and marketing business, elevating the marketing success of hundreds of clients all over the country and creating a proven track record of results-generating impact.

Throughout her marketing career, Ande continued to fuel her culinary drive by developing a successful food blog that caught the attention of both a national television network and a cookbook publisher. However, instead of chasing the limelight, she decided to focus her unique combination of skills, experience, and gifts on empowering restaurateurs, owners, chefs, and leaders in the restaurant industry to truly thrive in their passion.

Your restaurant is your legacy and I’m looking forward to strengthening it together.

– Ande