How it Works and Why it Matters

With our extensive background in restaurants and marketing, we distinguish three primary, experience-related factors that fortify or break the backbone of every successful restaurant:
  • Online Usability

  • Brand Perception

  • Dining Experience

Neglecting one or more of these factors could negatively impact the enduring success of your business.

Conversely, as you consistently invest in these three integral restaurant marketing approaches, you are setting the table for your ongoing success. By creating the best micro-experiences possible for your guests, they become champions of your brand.

Our Process

Step 1: Assess

When you choose GrowFly, there’s no need to find time in your already over-packed schedule to travel to us, because we come to you! Our senior team members visit your restaurant as “secret diners.”

Just like your first-time diners, we evaluate every amenity and service you have to offer … from the initial greeting to wait time … from venue ambiance to serving staff … from seating comfort to menu design and culinary presentation.

Here’s how it works…


Successful restaurateurs understand that their potential guests’ perception of a restaurant actually begins with their initial, digital online search for where to dine. Our assessment begins the same way: online.


Before investing another dime in ineffective marketing methods, GrowFly’s experienced restaurant marketing team will assess your branding and marketing challenges and strategize your media opportunities for growth.


From the moment we are greeted at the door until we leave, we are secretly evaluating the positive and negative dining and ambiance micro-experiences to gain the inside track on your customers’ multi-sensory experiences.

Step 2: Debrief

From the first online search to walking out your front door, we leave having encountered dozens of revealing micro-experience criteria. And these criteria are a goldmine of information vital for addressing challenges that may be sabotaging your diners’ experience.

The following day, GrowFly meets with senior management to debrief our micro-experiences and collaborate with you on recommended strategies for strengthening your online usability, branding perception, and dining experience.

No matter how you decide to proceed, you will receive a detailed assessment report of our findings in the following weeks.

Step 3: Deliver

Based on our collaborative decisions, GrowFly will deliver the solutions needed to strengthen your presence in the community and increase customer loyalty.

Over the past three decades, the cumulative strengths, experience, and expertise of the GrowFly team have advanced and elevated the success of worldwide, high-image brands that include Nestle, HGTV, HBO, Lowe’s, and Proctor & Gamble.

GrowFly’s expert marketing team is highly skilled, experienced, and ready to take your dining establishment to the next level of sustainable success.

GrowFly’s Vital Restaurant Marketing Services

  • Web Design

  • Brand Design and Messaging

  • Photos and Videos

  • SEO and Paid Advertising

  • Social Media

  • Menu Design 

  • Aesthetic Recommendations

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Why Choose GrowFly?

Because investing in a skilled, outside perspective is critical to your restaurant’s growth and translates to real dollars and cents.

This outside perspective saves you months or years of declined revenue and wasted ad dollars due to blind spots that no one sees because of fear, apathy, or simply lack of knowledge.

However, we can only do this if we fully understand your restaurant’s strengths and challenges by visiting your establishment and engage in your micro-experiences through the eyes of your diners.

Are you ready to scale your restaurant and advance to the next level of revenue?

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