There are times when a question mark, really isn’t a question mark?

If you don’t love to write, this might sound like nonsense.

But the active voice is sometimes eschewed by certain academic disciplines, in favor of the less dogmatic, more detached passive voice.

Every industry, discipline, organization, and demographic has its own culture, and that includes not only their need for a specific product or service but also their own subtle preferences and patterns of sentence structure and word choice.

Tumblr users, for example, have adopted the question mark at the end of a declarative sentence to convey an openness to discussion, or an unwillingness to risk alienation over their personal opinion. Researchers spend their time reading and writing almost exclusively in the passive voice.

The purpose of any copy is to communicate with your intended audience, right?

So the most effective communication will feel reciprocal.

Understanding the subtleties of your audience’s written language will help you connect on a more meaningful level.

If you don’t have a writing team and this makes your eyes cross, let’s talk. Our team of award-winning writers love these details and thrive on communicating your business so the audience will listen, no matter who and where they are.

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