Julie Husch

Operations Manager

3 Lovely Things
My kids' smiles
Rocket Fuel Tea
Peanut Butter and Chocolate

3 Favorite Pastimes
Playing the piano
Long rides in the country

Elizabeth Egan

Websites, SEO Optimization, Digital Advertising, Social Media, Email Marketing, Videography, Google Analytics, Data Entry

3 Hobbies

3 Best Foods
Brussel Sprouts

3 Comedians
Steve Martin
Kristen Wiig
Jimmy Fallon

Hubspot Inbound Marketing and Email Marketing Certification
Google AdWords certification

Tim Giguere

Wordpress Buildout and Project Management

3 Favorite hobbies
Disc Golf
Cooking / Creating in the kitchen
Traveling to distant lands

~3 Best foods
Duck Confit
Soft Shell Crab
French Freaking Toast
Anything french with a pan sauce
BBQ (literally any)

3 Great bands
And So I Watched You From Afar
Every Time I Die
Tides of Man
Artifex Pereo
My Epic
… I could go on forever

3 Favorite drinks
Last Word
Hemingway Daqueri

Industry Knowledge
Web Project Management
Market Research
Web Development
Online Marketing
Marketing Communications
Marketing Strategy
Social MediaSee
Account Management
Product Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Direct Marketing
Email Marketing
Press Releases
Digital Marketing

Tools & Technologies
Microsoft Office

Interpersonal Skills
Lead Generation
Team Building
Customer Service

Other Skills
Social Networking
Food Service
New Business Development
Food Service Operations

Sam Sullivant


3 favorite filming locations:
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vancouver, British Columbia
Anywhere in Ireland ?

3 favorite hobbies:
Rock climbing
Playing with my 3 kids

Certified: Light Iron Digital - Outpost University Certificate

Jon C. Stout


3 Great bands
Run the Jewels
Kendrick Lamar

3 Great things
My wife and child
My family

3 Favorite hobbies

3 Things I did as a kid
Hanging out with friends
Playing music

3 Best foods

3 Favorite drinks

3 Pro Skills
Video Production

Tamara Henrickson

Social Media

3 random facts
I love Elvis
I have a twin
I'm terrified of lizards

3 favorite drinks:
La Croix
Craft beer
Gin martini

I enjoy story-telling and creating engagement for brands. Selling without selling is key. Puppies are my jam; I have 2 who take up my whole heart. I'm a craft beer snob.

Tony Wenick

IT & Tech Support

3 Hobbies

3 Great Bands
REO Speedwagon
Cheap Trick

3 Strengths in Business
Explaining technical to non-technical people
Solving IT problems
Listening to the customer

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Frank Demming

Local Business, SEO, Retargeting, Websites, etc.

3 Things you're good at professionally
I'm the best at analyzing websites and providing optimization advice.
I'm great at providing digital marketing advice to local businesses (attorneys, dentists, roofers, chiropractors, massage therapists, etc).
I'm proficient in providing custom automation software to help streamline a businesses process.

3 Favorite hobbies
Going on short trips to an unknown city with my wife

3 Things you liked to do as a child (okay, just 1)
As a child I LOVED to dance and I LOVED listening to loud music. I can remember locking my self in my room on weekends when my parents went out shopping or something and blaring my favorite songs... LOL. Fun times. Great memories.

3 Best foods
Dominican cuisine
Anything my wife cooks 🙂

3 Favorite drinks
Beer (Presidente Stella Artois)
Wine (Merlot)
Unsweetened Iced Tea

3 Favorite Sports Teams
New York Yankees
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia 76ers

Darlene Cah

Copywriter/Web Content Specialist

3 Quirky Things About Me
I was an improv actor in NYC
An Elvis impersonator asked me to sing backup with him
I can close my left eye straight down while keeping my right eye wide open. It's a gift.

3 Favorite Foods
Pizza with extra cheese

Awards include: One Show, Andy, Clio, and various fiction prizes.

Amy Eggleston

Graphic Designer

3 Great Things
Fresh air
Live music
My son's smile

3 Hobbies
Going to thrift stores and antique shops

3 Business Strengths
Attention to detail
Problem solving
Strategic thinking

3 (or 5, but there are so many others!) Great Movie/Television Characters
John Keating, Dead Poets Society
Red, The Shawshank Redemption
Violet Crawley, Downton Abbey
Minny Jackson, The Help
Charlie Pace, LOST

Gold and silver from the 2017 Davey Awards
Regional First and Regional Merit from the 2016 National Agri-Marketing Association, Best of NAMA (Carolinas/Virginia Chapter)

Leanna Glenn Clark

Social Media

Three bucket list items
Experience the Northern Lights live
Run a marathon
Drive across America coast-to-coast

3 Jobs I have had in the past
Spa owner
Texas Dept of Insurance Rep

3 Best foods

Woman-owned business
``Best of`` Recipient Social Media for Arizona
Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year
Who's Who of National Business Owners

Tanya Rivera

Business Coach & Instructor

3 Things in Which I Do Well
Taking a system, or series of steps, and documenting them into a trainable piece of material, as well as create ``fluency`` learning objects to ensure the learner has mastered the skill(s) and objectives.
Taking complicated concepts and re-deliver them to an audience that will understand and retain the information.
Connecting people to solutions, whether its developing systematic series of steps, finding a resource to meet the need, and connecting people to each other to create solutions.

3 Great things
Trusting the process
Investing in people
Adding value to whatever and whoever you can

Completed 2-day course called ``The Art of Leadership`` in Kabul, Afghanistan through Silk Road Solutions.
Ordained, licensed minister in Florida.
Extensive Education in Business Management, with an emphasis in MarketingFacebook:

Christy Bailey


3 Great Things
Independent bookshops with soft, squashy chairs and a resident cat
The first sip of coffee on a quiet morning
An afternoon nap, just because you can

3 Things I'm Good at Professionally
Helping a client find the right words to express their ideas
Finding accurate and relevant information for a project
Working as part of a team

3 Favorite Drinks
Mountain Dew Baja Blast
Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha
My local coffee shop's cappuccino to sip while looking over the river

3 Great Listens
KD Lang
Peter Paul & Mary
The Collection

NaNoWriMo winner -- 2015 and 2016
Member -- The Authors Guild
Published in 2017 Poetry Marathon Anthology

Megan Hassell


3 things I'm best at professionally
Designing logos
Stationary/book design

3 Hobbies
Online shopping

3 most important things
My faith
My family
My friends

3 favorite foods/drinks
Japanese hibachi
Peanut butter...anything

BFA in Graphic Communications from Austin Peay State University

Steve Bowman

Business Coach & Trainer

3 key personal and professional characteristics
Attention to detail.

3 favorite things to do
Spending time with wife & family
Watching movies and TV
Eating seafood

3 favorite places to visit
Disney World
Sunshine-drenched beaches
Glenwood Spring, CO

3 favorite sports
Pro and college basketball
Pro & college football
International soccer

3 favorite styles of music
Classic rock

3 (more) favorite styles of music
New Age
Soul & Motown

Senator Nominee to US Naval Academy
United States Jaycees ``Outstanding Young Men of America`` Award
Certified trainer, Vanguard University
FINRA Series 6, 7 and 63 certifications

Amber Buchholz

Digital Communications Strategist

Three favorite aspects of my work
Helping clients identify their ``brand story``
Growing a digital community with engaging content
Tracking audience growth to revenue growth

Three favorite travel destinations
South Africa

Three favorite foods
Sun-ripened peaches
Fresh avocados

Three favorite ``simple pleasures``
Foggy beach days
Warm cat bellies
A hot cuppa tea in the early morning

Former Communications Specialist,
Integrated Media Association
Worked with public media stations such as
Minnesota Public Radio, Oregon Public Broadcasting

Former Account Manager at Ogilvy & Mather
Responsible for developing ``Social SEO`` service offering
Provided digital strategy for Fortune 500 clients,
including Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Intel & Adobe

Freelance Digital Communications Strategist
With a focus on social impact brands & organizations
Past clients include Adobe Youth Voices, Icebreaker New Zealand,
Orchid Project, The Nature Conservancy, The Oregonian

Current clients include SEAL Awards, Save Institute, Women Lawyers Mean Business

Stacey Pinneke

Communications Specialist

3 Things I Loved as a Child:

Road Trips: My parents loved to travel, but had to do so on a bookkeeper and teacher's salary. This meant, what I look back on as ``fun-filled`` car experiences, but did not have the same appreciation for the ride and my younger brother, at that time. What was cool, was the destination. My parents drove us from Delaware, my home state, North. During any given summer growing up, we visited all of New England and New York City, and sometimes the South, stopping at many historical site along the way. Every year was a road trip adventure and many memories were made.

Crabbing: We spent at least two weeks with my grandparents in southern Delaware each summer. At a very young age, I learned from my grandmother, aunts and uncles how to cut up and tie bait, and use a crab net and basket. At the end of the day, we would take our catch back to a little cabin on the river front. Crabs were cooked, beer flowed (ice tea for me), and lots of card games, played.

Holiday season: Most kids love the holidays. My parents both came from families with limited means, so they wanted to make sure my brother and I had the ultimate holiday -- every year. They both were very creative and used Halloween as the starting point to prepare decorations. We were the family on the street with the light displays, twelve ft tall, live tree and artfully, handmade ornaments. Our also talented relatives, would compete to see which house was the most creative and best looking. A magical time, where the gift-giving took a back seat to the holiday preparation and contributions from each family member to make it a special season, every year.

3 Best Parent-Approved FoodsL

1.) Easy to make
2.) Inexpensive ingredients
3.) Very hard to ruin

Pizza: With young kids, you learn that you can make almost anything into a pizza. Even toasted sandwich bread or bagel with a little spaghetti sauce and shredded (or even a slice of) cheese and Voila! Even over-cooked (which some prefer), pizza is an cheap food, that doesn't take a lot of imagination to make.

Grilled Cheese: Whether it is Gruyere between Sourdough or American between Wheat, Grilled cheese is again, easy to make, and better with butter. I prefer it paired with hot, creamy tomato soup, but the sandwich itself can always be enjoyed on its on.

Tortilla Chips and Salsa: (Qualifies more as a ``snack`` but I've made it into a meal far too often). Easy to prep, hardly any mess (unless you add queso - which is always welcome), this snack time wonder will satisfy every time. It is the reason why you're too full to eat your dinner at home and when they place it on your table before a meal at restaurants. Salty and crunchy, you can add a little lime and guacamole or eat the chips by themselves. It is the forever perfectly timed treat.

Hillman Ball

Graphic Designer

3 Things you're good at professionally
Interpreting clients needs
Thinking outside the box
Convincing others to do the same

3 Great things

3 Favorite hobbies
I LOVE my work, but also spending time with my wife and 2 daughters
Exploring new places
Tasting new foods

3 Things you liked to do as a child
This isn't really 3 things but I have always been interested in business even as a kid. I started selling candy, energy drinks, or anything middle school kids wanted to buy. I've always worked for myself and probably not cut out for anything else ?

3 Best foods
REAL Tacos
Jamacian Beef Patties

3 Great bands
Too tough for me, I listen to everything and never keep up with who is who or what I'm listening too. I also listen to podcasts all day everyday, everything Gimlet Media does is great!

3 Favorite drinks
Whiskey...and tequila as of late ?

Sam O'Heron

Analytics & Statistics

3 Things I Love Doing Professionally
Taking numbers and making them make sense
Talking to people about numbers
Numbers. I really like numbers.

3 Favorite Hobbies
Playing video games with my friends
Going to the gym
Writing voice-over dialogue

3 Favorite Drinks:
Virgil’s Root Beer
Jarritos Limon soda

3 Favorite Instruments
Slap Bass

3 Favorite Accents

Kim Bowman

Design, Strategy, Events, and PR

3 things to know
Grew up in WV
Went to college in OH
Live in sunny SC

3 amazing children
Catie Beth

3 amazing stepchildren
(and 1 dashing dog: Donatello)

3 of my favorite things

3 of my favorite hobbies

3 of my favorite foods
More pasta

Terry Smith


Favorite Design Programs
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Draw

Favorite Traditional Mediums
Pen & ink
Traditional air brush
Colored pencil

Especially Interested In...
Creating complex cartoon characters with Sculpey Polymer Clay
Character development

Colored Pencil Society of America
Association of Medical Illustrators
A piece purchased from Sanford Colored Pencils
Certified Medical Illustrator

Ande Truman

Founder, CEO

3 Business Strengths

  • Creating things
  • Idea-generation
  • Problem-solving

3 Hobbies

  • Cooking
  • Playing instruments
  • Fine art

3 Great Things

  • Bulletproof Coffee
  • Amazon Prime
  • Dogs

3 Things I Spent My Time Doing as a Child

  • Squatting beside adults watching them make things
  • Playing in the woods and riding my bike
  • Melting marshmallows on a paper plate in the microwave

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