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What's Included?

Everything a website needs to be 2018-ready.

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Search Engine Optimized

  • Google Analytics

  • Calls to Action

  • Fast and Reliable

  • Editable and Easy to Use

  • Image & Video Ready

  • Free Training Video

  • Conversion Optimized Layouts

  • Modern, Trending Design

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Built to Grow with You

  • Flexible Design

  • Social Media Links

  • Contact Form

  • Email Newsletter Signup*

  • Hacker Security*

  • Custom Email Address*

*Extra Investment Required

Looks great on any device!


As a small business owner, putting your best foot forward in the digital world is the first of many great decisions you’ll make to be successful.

Our Small Business Websites Start at Only $795!


Are there more plans?

If you need additional pages, extra functionality, or a custom website, please contact our support team at for a quote.

Can I Customize It More?

We are able to provide a great website at an affordable cost because we can keep our design streamlined. If you’d like a quote on a custom website, please tell us more here!

Is Your Business Invisible?

If you don’t have a website for your business, you’re practically invisible to customers in 2018. If you want people to know about your business, it’s not an option to be without a website anymore.

But as a small business owner, you’ve got enough to worry about. We want you to focus on what you do best, and leave your website up to us.

Don’t get bogged down or overwhelmed by constantly changing options, trends, analytics, and algorithms!

With the GrowFly Small Business Website, you’ll get a professionally designed website that will put you on the map. Our team of talented web designers and marketing specialists understand the essentials of communicating your brand.

Just What Your Business Needs

We’ve compiled years of experience and research to find the common core of what makes an effective website.

With continually changing trends in both visual design and search engine algorithms, you’ll be sure to have a site that meets industry standards and beyond.

And every great website has one thing in common: it clearly communicates your business! Sure, everyone wishes they had a 6-figure budget for their website, but realistically, sometimes you just need the basics.

We’re Here to Serve

We’re sure there are plenty of reasons you haven’t renovated your current website (or built one in the first place), but since our ultimate hope and intention is to help you grow your business, we’ve done all we can to give you a great product at a great price, and remove all obstacles in your way.

We don’t believe in one-and-done services, so not only will we build a great site for you, we’ll actually check in on your website analytics every month afterward to make sure you’re growing. We’ll even make recommendations if we see that something isn’t right.

Is This Right For You?

  • You don’t have a website at all

  • You don’t currently have the finances to create a custom website with a designer

  • Your website is over 5 years old

  • You can’t even update your own website

  • You don’t know a designer or don’t trust the designers you know

  • Your Facebook page is your “website”

  • Your website is being held hostage by a web designer

  • You could make it yourself but have no tech skills or time

  • You want your business to grow

  • You’re ready to trust professionals to help get you on the right track

If any of the statements above
apply to you, the answer is yes!

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Need a custom website? We do that too!

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About GrowFly's Small Business Division

GrowFly’s Small Business Division is a unique program specifically designed for small business owners who may not have the budget for a custom work from our professional team members but still value quality workmanship from a trusted source.

The concept was built from a desire to provide an affordable solution for every small business owner we meet. We hated the feeling of only offering custom services we knew some small business owners simply couldn’t afford.

While the first phase of this development is website design, our intention is to create an entire system of services specifically designed for this very special group of entrepreneurs who are ready to grow–and we’ll be alongside you the whole way!


How is this different from Squarespace or Wix?

We’ll build your website on WordPress. We spent a great deal of time deciding which platform would be best for clients, and ultimately, WordPress was the best option. Just as your business is going to grow, WordPress is designed to grow with you! With over 56 thousand plugins (think of them as an app for your website), you can have just about any functionality you’d like. So when you’re ready to invest more into your website, it’s already built on a platform that is easily able to expand. Not to mention, almost 27% of the internet is built on a WordPress site! That’s powerful.

For that reason, we decided against other content management systems and DIY website builders, such as Squarespace, Wix, GoDaddy Website Builder, Weebly, Yola, Site123, SiteBuilder, Joomla, Drupal, and all the others.

Why is your Small Business website cheaper than your custom websites?

Our Small Business websites are different from our custom websites because of the incredible amount of time we dedicate to custom websites. Our amazing web designers, with decades of experience, are able to create a very affordable website solution for you because there is much less customization. However, the same designers that can build a custom $10k or $20k site are the same designers that are building your Small Business Website! We don’t plug your information into a cheap website builder–we thoughtfully design your site based on years of industry experience.

Who will edit the site once it's built?

Once we finish your site, we will provide a free training video so you can learn how to edit your website. However, if you don’t want to edit it, we are happy to do that at an hourly rate.

How will I know what my website will look like?

We’ve compiled the newest trends and industry standards into what we believe is a simple, effective website for most businesses. We may adjust the design based on your content. This doesn’t mean your website will look just like everyone else’s! Your imagery, content, colors, and fonts will help make your site your own very unique expression of you and your business.

Once we’re finished, you’ll have a chance to tell us any changes you have!

Who will own it, and where will it be hosted?

Everything we do for you belongs to you once you’ve paid in full. We’ll never hold your site hostage or keep you from something you’ve paid for. Because we will have Google Analytics set up and will give you free monthly check-ins, or if you pay for the affordable monthly updates, we recommend giving us access to the site.

If you have your own website host (GoDaddy, Host Gator, BlueHost, etc.) and you’re happy with them, you’re welcome to stay where you are and we will work with them. If you’re unhappy with your web host, we’ll move you to a new host that we trust.

How long will it take?

Our goal is to provide a site for you within 5-7 business days, but this is not guaranteed. The faster we can get the information we need, the faster we can create your site, so your involvement is very important in the process!

Our Small Business Websites Start at Only $795!