Abbott & Costello… Simon & Garfunkel… Frodo & Sam… bacon & eggs (or bacon with anything!)… Scooby & Shaggy…

What do they all have in common?  

They were/are famous duos, forever linked as partners who achieved more success together than they would likely have achieved alone.  They could have existed independently, but it was together that they made the magic happen.

In the world of business success, there is another famous pairing that any organization should always strive to pair in perfect harmony: “high-tech & high-touch,” as identified by business guru John Naisbitt in 1999 during the infancy of the technology revolution.

Much has been written since then about the importance of bringing technology solutions to both corporate and small-town America.  

Many say that if you do not have a web presence or branding nor use website analytics, online tools, social media or email & digital marketing, you are quickly being left behind your competition. Significant money and effort are being poured into these high-tech tools.

While these efforts prove fruitful, success will be magnified when complemented by high-touch solutions such as strategic planning, customer service excellence, performance training & coaching, and feedback monitoring.

These and other high-touch efforts that focus on personalizing your high-tech efforts will turn your organization in a dynamo that delivers on its promises and exceeds customer expectations.

Consider your answers to just these question:

  1.    What are the core values/brand of your company?
  2.    What are the biggest challenges facing your company?  How do know?
  3.    How do you “make your customers’/clients’ day?”  
  4.    How are your new employees oriented & assimilated into your company culture?
  5.    What ongoing training processes/program(s) are currently in place?  

GrowFly’s business coaches can help provide high-touch solutions to reinforce your current or future technology tools and provide on-going coaching to address future needs. Together they will bring out the very best in any company.

High-tech tools – good. High-touch solutions – good.  High-tech + high-touch – a dynamic duo! (Just like GrowFly and you!)

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